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That's about the time I called the wife fucked by four men. My wife is in her late 30's and let himself go a bit over the years, but still a beautiful woman and was often on her with another cock, although penisbots he had never spoken anything done about it. A couple of months, we have to solve our garden so decided by the advice of a friend, I gave this company a call. 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At the same time, one of the other guys turned around and stuck his penisbots cock penisbots in her mouth, which she accepted penisbots with gratitude, as the young man began pounding her pussy, bitch face the second, this time came as a madman, the child suddenly exclaimed : 'Ohh Yeahh ' andshot his load until he fell Karen said Steve Band-Aids, penisbots making the kids and allows them to fill properly. The man in the mouth just below the neck of Karen penisbots discharged soon, 'You want that bitch,' he said, ' yeaah mmmm' she replied, ' and there are many more where that came. ' The youth moved forward and pushed the still hard cock and sticky in the mouth as penisbots he moves behind her and Steve began his cock rubbing up and down her pussy to her ass, ' hmmm, should fill the hole,' said then said ' we the first try, 'as he beat his hard cock in her pussy still dripping, I'm sure I would have cried, but his mouth full of cock. when Steve was fucking her, pushed for the first time with the thumb and then after pulling that one then a second finger in the ass, ' it feels good and tight,' he said, 'maybe one of us who must be filled with cock, '' no, ' she cried,' I've never been fucked no ' penisbots Steve grunted and filled her ass for a second time. As he moved, the fourth man 'Now I'm at it,' he said, pushing his huge cock in her pussy, Steve was fucking her face now ' child will have the ass,' he said, 'you know what that I think it could, ' said his friend and pulled his cock out of Karen tried to shake her head to say no, but Steve had a company to hold his head as he hammered his cock was getting deeper into his throat. The other man put his cock until it was Karen 's ass and began to walk slowly piece by piece, until the whole road was easy, then slowly began rocking as Steve pumps a third of the load of cum after throat Karen, until that time had gone so far as to get back on the cock in the ass and really seemed to enjoy. After 5 minutes, the man began to pump harder and then shot his load his tight ass. Karen broke forward on the bed, then the second man grabbed her and said: ' We're not done yet with you, bitch, we guys can fill up their right to wHAT hole d ' ya want to pitch? ' The boy said : ' I am your ass, ' Steve and Karen was in bed, he was forced to straddle and then the tail, the young man ( Tony) moved around behind him and stuck his dick in the ass and other two knelt before her and took her turn to feed their tails in their mouths. at this point, see my wife with all her holes cock I had to go down and down to grab a toy, it was not done wait. an hour later, the kids. Steve was upstairs, there was another meeting at least one hole of Karen before he had finished with her down the stairs when he said: ' I'd rather be a whore naked again morning, as we will all be on the go to another, individually and collectively ' Then he went abroad and led the work. I went upstairs and told Karen that he had seen it all and wondered what the hell went before he explained that the children had arrived before she was on and they let her in, SHowed to them in the garden and the boiler and told them to go ahead with it, while she went to shower, when penisbots he left the shower and walked into the room baclk, Steve climbed the stairs to the bathroom often her in the bedroom and began to speak, grabbed a good penisbots body, she had, then kissed her and the rest as they say - is history. You all used to work in the garden this week and was Karen and abused by them every day, but that's another story that I try, that relate to you.
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